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 Executives and Celebrities
In the field of the Exclusive & Unique DVK Citron Caviar in the World  


For Executives and Celebrities, in the Fields of the Exclusive and Unique DVK Citron Caviar In the World.

The Glamour Luxury Villa does not accept other clients besides you or related to you; once it is reserved by you it is only you or the ones that come with you, or that you want to invite. Our comprehensive team will take care of the rest for you.

At Glamour Luxury Villa you can find tradition because we have a Centenary Oven, an Organic Garden and an Eira in where the grains were threshed and sifted but also where ceremonies and public events, such as, dances or masses were conducted. Here tradition is very important for us, and we hope so for everyone who visits us.

In this place there are three important concepts: Simplicity, Quality and Luxury – come to know and enjoy a unique paradise – Glamour Luxury Villa.

Glamour Luxury Villa
avec amour
because we really care

Glamour Luxury Villa it is situated in Alandroal, Évora, Alentejo, Portugal.

It has 4ha (40 000m2) of fields in a very secure and discrete area, for the high end segment - Top Executives and Celebrities.


You can come alone, with your business partner or with your romantic partner & family.  

Glamour Luxury Villa is the only place where you can come with your private jet, car, helicopter, and find meals served with the limited & exclusive production of Citron Caviar. It includes a set of amenities including swimming pool and others that we can personalize for you such as the Pergolas to Sleep under the Stars, with no light pollution and a lounge area, in the middle of the Nature and many other services. Enjoy eating with the 19th Century Porcelain of Vista Alegre Gold Table Set served by a Cook Chef, and rest on the Arraiolos Luxury Hand made Pillows, among others.

A Whole New Pop-Up Luxury Collection of Sensorial  Indoor & Outdoor Experiences

Try our different scenarios of luxury pop-up restaurant. Every time it will be a surprise.


Our Top Cook Chefs are always caring to serve you the best of the art, of the glamour kitchen sensations with the best cuisine experiences.​


Besides the Citron Caviar, experience the fresh tastes of the Organic Garden.

Our gardens enjoy biological food treated with traditional care and used by our Cook- Chefs.

    Luxury . Personalized . Unique
   DVK - DeVerpoucke's
     Citron Caviar Rose

Glamour Luxury Villa it is the only place of the World where you can taste, and buy the limited production of the luxury, personalized and unique collection of DVK Citron Caviar.

During dinner you can taste the beautiful rose pearls of DVK Citron Caviar and you will have the opportunity to  visit it and buy it.

The Citron Caviar is placed in a handmade pink marble box personalized with the client´s name in gold.

These are very exclusive products of extreme high quality; We produce maximum 50 boxes a year.

The Citron Caviar grows in the field where you will dine, therefore is an unique experience.

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