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School guidance for everyone including gifted kids and special education.

We have the goal to increase the school success supported by a sustainable personal growth due to extra activities that connect mind and body.

We also have Psychologists and Children Coaches to develop other skills other than school guidance.

We also perform IQ tests, Mindfulness, Activities Outdoors and Indoors like Yoga, Musicotherapy to boost learning.


Mind and Body for Learning Optimization

Don't have time to relax because you have to take your child to tutoring? While your child learns, come relax at BoaCasa

Your child can also optimize learning with other complementary activities such as Yoga, Music Therapy, among others.

Come and meet us.

We explain to your kid mathematics and other disciplines and complement with relaxation techniques

Scientifc based in order to optimize how brain retains information

Evidences to Boost Memory & Learning Smoothly, Kindly, Healthy , in Equilibrium with Nature, and in Respect with Each One of Us

Everyone is constanly growing and learning, grow yourself, grow your kids, grow with your kids

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Pedagogic Farm

Come and discover the activities at Pedagogic Farm.

While we explain mathematics, or other subjects, you can also benefit from complementary activities that stimulate learning.

Art Class

We received it with great affection and dedication!
Come and discover personalized support in carrying out school tasks, sessions and workshops and activities
Come tand see the differences!

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                                         SOCIAL RESPONSABILITY

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Support social causes such as children with special education needs, the elderly, education, science.


Rua Luis Casadinho 124
7160-210 Vila Viçosa, Évora, Portugal
Damstraat 117
1800 Vilvoorde, Belgium

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